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What The Merovingian Can Teach You About Marketing – Automotive Marketing Professionals

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Larry Bruce writes: “Facebook or Adwords is not a choice; it’s a question of message and intent…the “WHY”of it all.

What Ford and Scott Monty knows, that GM doesn’t, is that people don’t go to Facebook to find Ford or to find out “What’s going on at Ford”? The truth is, they don’t care!  People go on Facebook to keep up with friends and family and to discover things that are important to them, in other words, the “WHY” of what makes them visit a page. Ford and Scott Monty’s team do a terrific job of producing content with that intent, the “Why” of it all, in mind.  People go on Google and other search engines to find things, that is their intent, their “WHY” and smart marketers buy keywords and write ads with that intent in mind. It’s a “WHY” question NOT a “WHAT” question…  It shouldn’t be “WHAT” are your goals from the platform?

But…  WHY are they there?  And more importantly, how can your message fit the visitor’s “why”?  The Merovingian would be proud!” Please use the link provided to read Larry’s entire article, view the video he included and leave a comment… RP


via What The Merovingian Can Teach You About Marketing – Automotive Marketing Professionals.

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